Investment Opportunities

The economic recovery of Zimbabwe has already begun, with various state and private sector initiatives implemented to revive the economy. Part of our mandate as DFZ is to highlight the areas of economic opportunity that are available to both local and international investors. This information has been compiled from whom we believe to be credible sources.  The Diaspora presents a potentially lucrative and cheap source of investment. The DFZ aims to promote Zimbabwe as an investment destination and to support government and the private sector in creating a conducive environment to facilitate such investment.. The DFZ will host further conferences including investment conferences and round-table events with stakeholders in Zimbabwe to influence policy development that is investor-friendly whilst protecting the legitimate interests of the country.

The first conference was held at the Elephant Hills Hotel, Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe (16 to 18 December 2010). 

Ukwakha Kumusha Investments (UKI)
Ukwakha Kumusha Investments (UKI) was founded by Zimbabwean professionals in the Diaspora in May 2011. It is an investment holding company with main purpose being to generate sustainable, long-term financial support to the Development Foundation of Zimbabwe (DFZ)  for purposes of transformational community development, rehabilitation of schools, and to achieve economic empowerment through direct, operational involvement in underlying strategic investments in mining, property development, financial services, manufacturing and distribution. UKI is also a vehicle for engaging Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to actively engage in the economic resuscitation of Zimbabwe. Through initiatives such as the publication Investing in Zimbabwe, UKI also showcases Zimbabwe as an investment destination of choice and itself as an investment partner of choice for any would-be investor in Zimbabwe.