What does DFZ stand for?

DFZ is the “Development Foundation for Zimbabwe.” It is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation created in 2010 with the principal purpose of providing a platform for constructive engagement between Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and fellow compatriots in the Zimbabwean government, business, civil society and the general public.

Who supports DFZ work?

DFZ is supported by foundations, development agencies, private funders as well as Zimbabweans located within and outside Zimbabwe.

Is DFZ affiliated with any political party?

No. DFZ is a non-profit non-partisan organization fully committed to promoting and facilitating the active participation of Zimbabweans in national development programmes across the political divide.

How can I join?

Participation in DFZ requires engagement from individuals, institutions who contribute cash, suggestions to facilitate the effective implementation of programs.

What is unique about DFZ?

DFZ is a broad based organisation bringing all Diaspora networks based across the countries together. It does not preclude or infringe on other Zimbabwean Diaspora organisations and initiatives.