The DFZ recognises education as the foundation for any form of development in the modern world. Indeed, Zimbabwe’s competitiveness in the global landscape is dependent on investment and development in the education system. The competitiveness of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora is as a result of excellent educational qualifications they gained during their time in Zimbabwe. It is therefore important for the DFZ to facilitate and promote education in Zimbabwe so that present and future generations can benefit just as older generations did.

The DFZ recognises the efforts by other groups and individuals and aims to complement and consolidate these efforts, drawing on the support of the Diaspora community, development agencies and other stakeholders.

Initiatives will include temporary and permanent return of teachers, lecturers and educators to work in and develop the education sector. The DFZ recognises the critical importance of new technology in the delivery of education and aims to facilitate and promote this for purposes of harnessing and deploying Diaspora skills and knowledge to institutions in-country. The DFZ aims to promote the collection of books for schools, colleges, universities and libraries in Zimbabwe. 

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