The Humanitarian Fund is designed to address the short to medium-term needs of Zimbabwe, such as the provision of food, fertilisers, clothing, and medication. The fund will be developed and sustained through various fundraising activities held both in-country and in the Diaspora. Some of the proposed activities include:

  • Revival of the Mayor’s Christmas Cheer Fund
  • Collection of second-hand clothes from the Diaspora for donation to old-age homes, orphanages, children and the disabled
  • Mobile library through books, desks, chairs and other donations
  • Food drives or marathons both in and outside Zimbabwe to raise money and awareness for a specific cause
  • Agricultural improvements
  • Medical equipment and supplies collections and donations to Zimbabwean hospitals
  • “Keep our city clean” drive – getting the communities in each city excited about and actively involved in the rebuilding of cities.

Should you wish to register your interest in this programme, please contact us here.