Thoko Matshe

Thoko is a human rights activist with over twenty five years experience in development work, and over fifteen years in leadership of civil society organizations and several women’s organizations in South Africa, the UK and Zimbabwe. She has extensive knowledge of the women’s movement in Africa. Thoko is a committed Women’s Rights Activist and Feminist.

She has worked for several funding organisations and is currently the Africa Regional Coordinator of the Olof Palme International Center.

As chairperson of the NCA (1999-2001) she led the National Constitutional Assembly and Zimbabwean Civil Society through the Constitutional struggle and the Campaign for a NO vote in the Constitutional Referendum, Zimbabwe, 2000.

She currently she sits on the board of several organizations, in South Africa, Crisis in Zimbabwe (SA) and Masimanyane Women Support Center,  WIPSU (Zimbabwe), and internationally, The International Feminist University Network and on the advisory board of IWRAW Asia Pacific.