Vision & Mission


The vision of the DFZ is to foster, encourage and facilitate the building of an informed and organised Diaspora to become a key stakeholder in the development of Zimbabwe.


To mobilise, organise and develop the capacity of the Zimbabwean Diaspora to participate effectively in Zimbabwe’s development and benefit from its resources. Specifically, the DFZ aims to:

•    Promote and facilitate the active participation of Zimbabweans in national development programmes.
•    Institutionalise and harmonise the engagement of the Diaspora within the processes of national development in Zimbabwe.
•    Ensure that the Diaspora contributes effectively to processes of constitutional, institutional and policy reform and development in Zimbabwe.
•    Enable the government, business and civil society to tap into the Diaspora’s vast intellectual and social resources.
•    Promote and facilitate the global competitiveness of the Zimbabwean Diaspora.
•    Improve the welfare and development potential of the Zimbabwean Diaspora communities.