In pursuit of its mission, based on the stated principles and values, the main objectives of the DFZ are to:

  • create a platform through which Zimbabweans in the Diaspora connect with, and contribute to the development of Zimbabwe for public benefit.
  • strengthen Zimbabwe Diaspora networks and increase their ability to contribute towards comprehensive national recovery and development.
  • ensure that both the Zimbabwe government and other governments’ engagement with the Zimbabwe Diaspora is institutionalised within a coherent policy framework.
  • engage cooperating partners, all stakeholders and relevant institutions on supporting Zimbabwe’s recovery and development.
  • ensure effective citizenship rights and representation for the Zimbabwe Diaspora.
  • publicise, maintain relevance and facilitate the continuous discussion of Diaspora issues in and outside Zimbabwe.
  • share global standards and practice for ease of doing business in Zimbabwe.
  • support the development of public sector institutions that work effectively and deliver.
  • support capacity building of Diaspora and national groups oriented towards Zimbabwe’s development.