The ‘Franscchoek Resolution’

This conference resolved that the discussions in Franscchoek needed to be taken forward, given life and implemented. The Franscchoek Resolution was therefore adopted and the core group formulated an action plan. The main idea was to create an institution that would drive the development agenda in Zimbabwe, focusing primarily, but not limited to, harnessing the capacity in the Diaspora.

Later in January 2010, members of the core group met in Johannesburg to carry forward the Franschoek Resolution and the resulting action plan. The group created a smaller management committee to implement the resolutions and plans aimed at creating the institution. It is from there that the name “Development Foundation for Zimbabwe” emerged, including the form and structure of the envisaged institution to carry out the intended tasks. 

The DFZ was officially launched on 29th October 2010, and the goal of establishing an institution set under the Franscchoek Resolution has been met. The DFZ Trust was established and registered in Zimbabwe. The trustees are: Lydia Zigomo-Nyatsanza, Joy Mutare Kanu, Brian Kagoro, Thoko Matshe, Alex Tawanda Magaisa and Glen Mpani.